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Unformatted text preview: ileage increase – Airline deregulation resulted in nofrills airline services – OTC availability of deregulated OTC drugs ( Ibuprofen, hydrocortisone skin care products, loratadine (Claritin)) (Claritin)) Weblink to a related WSJ article: U.S. Wants Report Card for Cars Weblink Web Link to a related WSJ article: How New MPG Standards Could Crimp Your Ride Drexel University Dr. Girish Ramani MKTG 347 28 Initiating factors (contd.) Material costs and availability – Results in revising or dropping products – Increase in gasoline prices (and fear of Increase scarcity) has led to a renewed push by manufacturers of smaller cars, and also a search for alternative fuels search – Easy and affordable digitization has Easy resulted in several digital alternatives to traditional products like books, music cassettes, photographic film etc. cassettes, Drexel University Dr. Girish Ramani MKTG 347 29 Initiating factors (contd.) Invention – Dramatic results are Dramatic possible when new products are invented – Digital Video Camera – Cellular phone – VCRs VCRs Blu-Ray Blu-Ray DVD player – Digital Storage Devices Drexel University Dr. Girish Ramani MKTG 347 30 Initiating factors (contd.) Demographic and Lifestyle changes – Absolute market size, size of Absolute segments and consumption patterns can change over time patterns – Post war baby boom saw growth Post of baby product categories, followed by overflowing colleges and then a tight housing market and – As average age goes up, As pharmaceutical products and health care services are in greater demand demand – Environment consciousness is Environment resulting in the introduction of ‘green’ products ‘green’ Drexel University Dr. Girish Ramani MKTG 347 31 Initiating factors (contd.) • Customer requests – Source of many new products in high-tech and other Source industrial markets is customer requests industrial – Airplane industry builds products as per individual Airplane airline requirements airline Drexel University Dr. Girish Ramani MKTG 347 32 Initiating factors (contd.) • Supplier initiatives and Distribution Channel Supplier reactions reactions – Proactive suppliers can be the drivers of new Proactive products products – Tetrapak persuaded beverage manufacturers to Tetrapak offer ‘drink boxes’ offer (Point to Ponder: Store brands (e.g. CVS, Walgreens) could also make the environment difficult for new product introduction, forcing countermoves from established players (Listerine not only has a message on its bottle-see visual on the right- but has also introduced several flavor variants to combat store brands) several Drexel University Dr. Girish Ramani MKTG 347 33...
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