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1_21_08_notes - One sex lives as opposite gender...

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Essentialism – biological gender VS construction – gender is socially constructed Sex vs gender: born with sex, learn gender Sex often determines gender. Minute you are born you are wrapped in either a pink or blue blanket. Sex – biological – female Gender – social construction – feminine According to Simone de Beauvoir & Judith Butler we act feminine/masculine In other countries a person who is born female but lives as a man it revered as someone special and has their own name not like transvestites in America, not accepted here.
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Unformatted text preview: One sex lives as opposite gender. Hermaphrodites born with both sexes. Radical separatist/cultural/lifestyle – live an all female life, hate males, go to female owned businesses, associate only with women, hate men, pro-women Radical feminist – change patriarchy, eliminate sexism, change entire system – get rid of oppression of all people, capitalism, and hierarchy, have men as allies, pro-equality Patriarchy - androcentric, males should dominate Reformist – equal rights, change but keep system...
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