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Fernandez 1 April Fernandez Professor Blair Philosophy 7 6 February 2008 Abortion, Permissible Or Impermissible? Abortion is and will always be a controversial issue for everyone. The controversy comes from the idea of whether the fetus is considered a person right out of conception. There are those who are pro-life, where they believe that any abortion no matter the cause is impermissible. They believe that the fetus is a person from the start and aborting the pregnancy would be killing that person. Then there are those who are pro-choice, who believe that it is up to the woman on whether or not she should have an abortion or not. The idea of the fetus being a person to them is false. To them the fetus is not considered a person till farther in the pregnancy. With the different views, abortion is an issue with no clear right answer on whether or not it should be permissible or impermissible. A young woman decides to have sexual intercourse with her boyfriend and makes sure they take all necessary precautions. Even with having protected consensual intercourse the young woman still manages to get pregnant. What is she to do now? The young woman is faced with the hardest decision of her life, to keep or abort the baby. If the young woman is to keep the baby, she will have to do it alone because her boyfriend will break up with her and will want nothing to do with the baby. On top of that, she will probably have to drop out of college, which will hinder on her career and the life she will be able to provide for her child. Now if she was to abort the baby she is unsure whether the fetus is a person or not. The young girl does not want to take the life of an innocent person because it would be an unjust moral crime. The decision she faces is a difficult one and many have views on what she should and should not do.
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Fernandez 2 Judith Jarvis Thomson believes that a woman has a choice to have an abortion or not. Given the idea of freewill, she would condone the young women having an abortion. Thomson would permit this act because she believes in the woman’s right over the fetus’s’ right. In her article she discusses a case known as the “People Seed Case”. Within this case, Thomson states people seeds fly around like pollen and because you do not wants kids you take all necessary precautions to prevent the seeds from coming in. After taking all precautions a rare occasion occurs and “a seed drifts in and takes root”. She then continues on by asking the question, “does the person-plant who now develops have a right to the use of your house,” and Thomson says no. You have taken all the necessary steps in preventing the seed to come in, thus the people-seed
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Abortion - Fernandez 1 April Fernandez Professor Blair...

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