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Unformatted text preview: s Chapter 25 Solutions ELEC 3908 Course Pack
 222 Solutions Chapter 26 Solutions ELEC 3908 Course Pack
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 228 Solutions ELEC 3908 Course Pack
 IV Physical Constants and Material Properties Quantity Symbol Angstrom Unit Boltzmann’s Constant Å k Electronic Charge Electron Volt Electron Rest Mass Free Space Permittivity Plank’s Constant q eV mo εo h Thermal Voltage at 300K 1 kT/q Value 10-8 cm = 10-10 m 8.62x10-5 eV/K 1.381x10-23 J/K 1.602x10-19 C 1.602x10-19 J 9.11x10-31 kg 8.854x10-14 F/cm 6.626x10-34 J-s 4.14x10-15 eV-s 0.0259 V Properties of Silicon at 300K Quantity Intrinsic Carrier Concentration Effective Densities of States Electron Affinity Energy Gap Bulk Electron Mobility Bulk Hole Mobility Surface Electron Mobility Permittivity Symbol Value ni Nv Nc χSi Eg µn µp 1.45x1010 cm-3 1.08x1019 cm-3 2.8x1019 cm-3 4.05 eV 1.08 eV 1350 cm2/V-s 470 cm2/V-s 520 cm2/V-s εSi 11.7εo Symbol Value εox 3.9εo Properties of Silicon Dioxide Quantity Permittivity 229
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