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Unit 2 Assessment - Graded.
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Unit 2 Assessment Question 1 Indicate the one best means of achieving coherence in a letter. Correct Answer: logical arrangement Response Feedback: All are coherence techniques, but logical arrangement is the most effective of those techniques mentioned. Question 2 Which of these positions in a letter would give greatest emphasis? Correct Answer: First sentence of the first paragraph. Response Feedback: The beginning and ending sentences carry more emphasis than any of the others. Question 3 The average sentence length found in the readability studies to be best for communicating with the middle level of adult readers is about: Correct Answer: 16 to 18 words. Response Feedback: The average length is supported by the readability studies. s Question 4 From these expressions from business messages, mark the one that best avoids a "rubber stamp" wording. Correct Answer: Yes, you may use the equipment . . . . Response Feedback: Only this one is a natural expression. See examples in the chapter. Question 5 A paragraph arranged in the most widely used plan: Correct Answer: begins with its topic sentence. Response Feedback: The topic-sentence-first arrangement is the most commonly used one. Question 6 Mark the wording that is not a rubber stamp. Correct Answer: Please answer this request soon . . . . Response Feedback: Only this one is natural, conversational wording that is not stereotyped.
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Question 7 Mark the sentence that does the best job of telling bad news. Correct Answer: Although your current position requires that we sell to you on a cash basis, we can offer you special cash discounts. Response Feedback: Only this sentence uses no negative words (cannot, does not justify, poor credit record, reject). Question 8 Long sentences of about 30 words or more may: Correct Answer: be used sparingly to subordinate the less important information. Response Feedback: This usage is appropriate and logical. Question 9 Which of these sentences contains the most positive wording? Correct
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