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Unformatted text preview: - . , . . . ." .~ ," ' - ..... ...-.---....- -- - -----~"..,......,.........~~....,.......,..,...-, Chart o f F requency v s R ole Role d . The role with the highest percentage o f elderly adults is Spouse. The relative frequency is 424 / 1,102 = .385. MUltiplying this by 100% gives a percentage o f38.5% . O f all the elderly adults surveyed, 38.5% view their most salient roles as that o f spouse. 2.12 Suppose we construct a relative frequency bar chart for this data. This will allow the archaeologists to compare the different categories easier. First, we must compute the relative frequencies for the categories. These are found by dividing the frequencies in each category by the total 837. For the bu...
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