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Unformatted text preview: I I J 1'<Jm/f~ ~ ome ,0 s . OPe<! 0 ClIrnJ ,nu r I ,1 _~ ll<lt( Ill:ma G ~~ -'" C\d~ C>:1i :at Potca~ory t he most frequently found type o f pot was the Monochrome. O f all the pots found, SS% were Monochrome. The next most frequently found type o f p ot was the Painted in Geometric Decoration. O f all the pots found, 19.7% were o f this type. Very few pots o j the types Painted in N aturalistic Decoration, Cycladic White clay, and Conical cup clay were found. 2.14 U c; il1gMINlTAB, a bar graph is: ~_ - - ­ - -­ Chart o f P apers v s f ieldWork " 5000 ­ 4000. ~ CI Co 3000 ( II I I. 2000 , 1000 o~ I n terv iew o bs+Partie 0 bserv...
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