The proportion is 125 2000 0625 d using minitab a

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Unformatted text preview: e proportion is 125 /2,000 = .0625. d. Using MINITAB, a pie chart o f the data is : P ie C hartot F requency y~ c_ M int D ate ',1111 ....1900'1 GJ 1900\ 1. - 1111."" 1!llI1geO's 199Q's C hapter 2 2.10 a The qualitative variable summarized in the table is the role elderly people feel is the most important later in life. There are 8 categories associated with this variable. They are: Spouse, Parent, Grandparent, Other relative, Friend, Homemaker, Provider, and Volunteer/Club/Church member. b. The numbers in the table are frequencies because they are whole numbers. Relative frequencies are numbers between 0 and l . c. A bar graph o f the data is: . ... ,.:....
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