Test II elocutio and memoria

Test II elocutio and memoria - 1 I Elocutio A Electio...

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1 I. Elocutio A. Electio Verborum 1. Word choice a Importance - Word choice influences thought. 1 ) Influences – every construct is a destruct. Picking one word is not picking EVERY other word that exists. The choice of not choosing. Johnson – the real sin related to possessions has to do with the willful confusion of being and having. To have: Have as being – she he has a nice body, she has a nice mind. Have as possessing – I have my Car, house. .. Being is at the center not the skin, but our being extends outward to what we own. I am my car, my job. ..etc. This is mine means this is me. 2 ) Reveals What framing we give shows what we think. Is divorce a sin or an amiable parting of ways? Bloom – New language of good and evil. Even those who deplore our current moral condition do so with language that exemplifies that condition. We don't say things are evil anymore. Blamires – vocabulary of approval when judging things in popular culture. It doesn't tell the quality of the belief. Did the movie move you? Oh yes, it moved me. Where??? To a bigger house? Did it say something? Oh yes, it said a lot? So did Hitler, the Bible says a lot too. Not a straight problem, a charge to be more mindful. We are becoming more and more spiritually and morally def and blind. Tolerance means not disagreeing instead of a community of pluralism b Vocabulary Buber 1 ) Profile/improving it We have to increase our reading vocabulary to improve our speech. Reading – largest Writing Speaking – smallest You cannot give what you do not have, and cannot use words you don't know.
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2 This doesn't mean we look for the most high brow words, just the most appropriate. Some of the worst writing comes from academics. Drawing of the profile: 4 ways to increase vocabulary: READ READ READ READ. 2 ) Naming/ Word magic We can name things well and name others well. Ueland – Microscopic truthfulness. Not trying to impress. It's hard to name things well and not be specific. The search for the true names, to know someone well enough to speak their name into existence. Story of the white stone in revelation. Weborg – To name is not only to call into being, it is to call the named one into a relation Confucius – What is necessary is to rectify names. We need to pick the right name. What the superior man requires: He must have nothing incorrect in his speech. Incorrect doesn't mean that there's only one right word, speaking to the situation and audience. Gill Word Magic If we use the right name/phrase things will happen. We learned language through magic. Gleek Glock doesn't get a baby “apple juice” but when they say “apple juice” it magically appears. When you yell someones name they stop, it's magic! Spoken word comes to us Ex Nihlio. Nothing exists than, wham!
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Test II elocutio and memoria - 1 I Elocutio A Electio...

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