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study guide 2 - The New Journalism- Michael Schudson 1....

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-1 The New Journalism- Michael Schudson 1. Know Pulitzers biggest rival, contributions, and a bit of his story. - Pulitzer was an Austrian Jewish immigrant who arrived in the US to fight the Civil War. -After studying law he became a reporter for the German language newspaper the Westliche Post -He bought the St. Louis Post and the Dispatch in 1878 and served as its publisher, editor, and business manager. Under his guidance the papers promoted Democratic Party. The Post was the first to publish quotations on stocks issued by local firms. Pulitzer appealed to “the people”-- his target audience were the middle class of society in hopes of developing the city into a business center and attractive place of residence. - Major contributions: The development of the newspaper crusade-- Pulitzer was responsible for making startling headlines and political exposes constant features of his newspapers. - Turned East and bought New York World -- sold it a 1 cent a copy forcing the other papers to lower their prices as well. He helped rationalize newspapers’ business practice and the relations between newspapers and advertisers (selling advertising space at a fixed price, broke column rules, etc…) -Sensationalism-- “self-advertising” (his papers had printed many advertisements), illustrations, and larger and darker headlines (he was conservative about this and took a while to add this) -His paper the World came to embody “entertainment”- development of the Sunday paper for leisure and entertainment. - Rivals:
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study guide 2 - The New Journalism- Michael Schudson 1....

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