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Exam 3 Study Guide Compare Contrast Mitosis – Meiosis Both – Cell Division Mitosis – Diploid to Diploid, happens in Somatic cells Meiosis – Diploid to Haploid, creates gametes for reproduction Mitosis – Interphase Both – Stages of Cell Cycle Mitosis – cell division Interphase – time when cell is not dividing Mitosis – Cytokinesis Both – Have to do with cell division Mitosis – the whole cell division process Cytokinesis – division of cytoplasm G 1 – G 2 – S Interphase All – Stages of interphase G 1 –daughter cell doubles in size S – synthesis, chromatin replaces G 2 – growth, centrioles replaced Kinetophore – Non-kinetophore Both – Spindle fibers created during prophase Kinetophore – spindle fiber that contains chromosomes Non-kinetophore – spindle fiber that does not contain chromosomes Chromosomes – Chromatids – Centromere All – genetic material Chromosomes – Two cromatids joined together by a centromere Chromatids – genetic material, make up half of a chromosome Centromere – joins two chromatids together to form a chromosome Chromatids – Tetrad
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Both – Genetic Material Cromatids – genetic material, half of a chromosome Tetrad – 4 cromotids Gametes – Somites Both – types of cells found in the body Gametes – reproductive cells formed from meiosis Somites – body cells formed by mitosis Gametes – Zygotes Both – have to do with reproduction Gametes – cells containing genetic material for reproduction Zygotes – fertilized egg Synapsis – Chiasmata Both – are parts of cell division
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Exam 3 Study Guide - Exam 3 Study Guide Compare Contrast...

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