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Unformatted text preview: e package based on nodal analysis is introduced next. 3.8 CIRCUIT ANALYSIS WITH PSPICE PSpice is a computer software circuit analysis program that we will gradually learn to use throught the course of this text. This section illustrates how to use PSpice for Windows to analyze the dc circuits we have studied so far. The reader is expected to review Sections D.1 through D.3 of Appendix D before proceeding in this section. It should be noted that PSpice is only helpful in determining branch voltages and currents when the numerical values of all the circuit components are known. Appendix D provides a tutorial on using PSpice for Windows. EXAMPLE 3.10 1 20 Ω 120 V + − 2 30 Ω 10 Ω 40 Ω Use PSpice to find the node voltages in the circuit of Fig. 3.31. 3 3A 0 Figure 3.31 For Example 3.10. Solution: The first step is to draw the given circuit using Schematics. If one follows the instructions given in Appendix sections D.2 and D.3, the schematic in Fig. 3.32 is produced. Since this is a dc analysis, we use voltage source VDC and current source IDC. The pseudocomponent VIEWP...
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