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Unformatted text preview: 8 + v2 3.3 12 V 8V 6Ω v1 −+ v2 i + − Figure 3.47 4Ω For Review Questions 3.3 and 3.4. 3.4 In the circuit in Fig. 3.47, the voltage v2 is: (a) −8 V (b) −1.6 V (c) 1.6 V (d) 8 V 3.5 20 V + − i1 3Ω Figure 3.49 1Ω + v − 2A i2 4Ω For Review Questions 3.7 and 3.8. 3.8 The voltage v across the current source in the circuit of Fig. 3.49 is: (a) 20 V (b) 15 V (c) 10 V (d) 5 V 3.9 The PSpice part name for a current-controlled voltage source is: (a) EX (b) FX (c) HX (d) GX 3.10 Which of the following statements are not true of the pseudocomponent IPROBE: (a) It must be connected in series. (b) It plots the branch current. (c) It displays the current through the branch in which it is connected. (d) It can be used to display voltage by connecting it in parallel. (e) It is used only for dc analysis. (f) It does not correspond to a particular circuit element. The current i in the circuit in Fig. 3.48 is: (a) −2.667 A (b) −0.667 A (c) 0.667 A (d) 2.667 A Answers: 3.1a, 3.2c, 3.3b, 3.4d, 3.5c, 3.6a, 3.7d, 3.8b, 3.9c, 3....
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