Mesh analysis is not quite as general as nodal

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Unformatted text preview: instead of element currents as circuit variables is convenient and reduces the number of equations that must be solved simultaneously. Recall that a loop is a closed path with no node passed more than once. A mesh is a loop that does not contain any other loop within it. Nodal analysis applies KCL to find unknown voltages in a given circuit, while mesh analysis applies KVL to find unknown currents. Mesh analysis is not quite as general as nodal analysis because it is only applicable to a circuit that is planar. A planar circuit is one that can be drawn in a plane with no branches crossing one another; otherwise it is nonplanar. A circuit may have crossing branches and still be planar if it can be redrawn such that it has no crossing branches. For example, the | 4Ω v3 | Textbook Table of Contents | Mesh analysis is also known as loop analysis or the mesh-current method. Problem Solving Workbook Contents 88 PART 1 circuit in Fig. 3.15(a) has two crossing branches, but it can be redrawn as in Fig....
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