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English Comp. Analytical Paper March 3 rd , 2008 Racism and racial stereotypes often show up in literature to point out how common they are. Racism and racial steryotypes occur in every race and at every economic level. Many works of literature are written to point out or mock the presence of racism and stereotypes in the world today. Junot Diaz addresses this common occurance in his short story “Edison, New Jersey”. Diaz points out 4 common racial steryotypes in his short story: rich people assuming minorities are going to steal from them, minorities having an assumption of rich people, a minority having assumptions of other minorities, and how certain minorities are assumed to fill certain jobs in society. A common racial stereotype addressed by Diaz in “Edison, New Jersey” is how people naturally assume that when a group of low income minority men come to your house, they are just there to either steal something or check their house out to come back and steal something at a later time. In “Edison, New Jersey” the narrator mentions about how if a customer needs to leave to go to the store, they are hesitant to leave Wayne and himself at the house alone waiting at the door and looking around to memorize all the objects they own (122). It’s not suprisingly the narrator and Wayne are used to such behavior. The narrator tried to lighten the mood by making a joke when he noticed the homeowner leaving with insecure feeling s about leaving the two men at the house alone, “Just show us where the silver’s at” causing both parties to laugh (123). Distrust is a natural reaction mainly because of the perceptions people have of certain
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anylitical paper - English Comp. Analytical Paper March...

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