Tom PlanavskyENG - graspta In many of the books I read in high school there was a great deal of imagry but because of the complexity of the text

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ENG-1112-09 In the reading Fiesta 1980, by Diaz, Diaz uses an extremly different type of writing style I have never seen before. The story is written much like an average teenager would tell the story, a very informal and using a very graphic language. This relaxed writing style makes the reading very interesting and much easier to understand compared to the widespread writing styles of most authors. It is amazing how well he is able to depict the story via words, and make it seem like a younger teenage boy is telling the story. Even with Diaz’s informal style of writing, he is able to impliment so much imagry. I think the informal writing style allows for the imagry to come across much smoother making it a lot easier to
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Unformatted text preview: graspta. In many of the books I read in high school there was a great deal of imagry, but because of the complexity of the text made very difficult to grasp and easily depict the images in your mind. The only difficult thing about Diaz’s writing style is the incorporation of Spanish phrases and words, which for someone like me who does not have any knowledge of Spanish; it becomes difficult to completely understand what he is saying. I am a person that usually is not very entertained from reading books, but Diaz’s writing style was extremly engaing and kept me interested throughout the whole reading....
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