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DICTIONARY - A ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS a-, an- no, not, without a-, ab- abs- away from, by, to depart abdomen- belly -able, -ible-, -ble, -bul able to, tending to absorp- to swallow -ac, -aceous pertaining to, resembling -accre- grown together, to increase -acid- sour, tart -acin- grapes in a cluster, berry -acoust- to listen, to hear -acr-o summit, top, tip, extreme, sharp -actin-o ray, star-like -acu- sharp, point -acy quality, condition of ad-, af-, ag- toward, to, near, up to, to bring -adapt- to fit -ade relating or pertaining to -aden-o gland -adip-o fat -aer- air, gas -age collection of, aggregate of -agglom- crowded together -agglutin- glued together -agri- field -al, -ial, -eal pertaining to, like, having the character of al-, a wing -alb-, -albin-o white -alg-o pain -alg-e sensitive to pain aliment- food -alkal-o basic, alkaline
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ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS all-o other, different -allant-o sausage -allel- of one another -alve- small, cavity, hollow ambi- both, around, circulating ambly-o
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TERMINOLOGY.BI_1110.dictionary_A - DICTIONARY - A ROOT /...

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