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TERMINOLOGY.BI_1110.dictionary_E - -enter-o intestine...

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DICTIONARY - E ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS e-, ec-, ef-, eff-, ex- out of, away from, external to -eal, -ial pertaining to -ec-o, -eci-, -oec-, -oeci- household, home, dwelling -ecdys- slipping out, shifting out -echin-o spiny, hedgehog ecto- external outside -ectomy cut out, remove -ectop- displaced, foreign -ed- to eat -edem- to swell -ellum little -em- blood -embol- stopper, wedge -emia, -haemia condition of the blood -emul- to milk en-, em- in, into, inward -ence, -ency the condition of -encephal- brain endo-, ento- within, inner -ene denoting an open-ended, unsaturated hydrocarbon -enne-, -ennea- nine -enni year (from annu-) -ent performing the action of, having the quality of
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Unformatted text preview: -enter-o intestine, gut-entom-o insect-eous nature of, like epi-upon, above, on over equ-equal-equ-horse-er, -ist, -ast one who, spet, connected with-ery a place of business ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS-erythr-o red-escent beginning to be, have, or do-esthe-, -aesthe-to feel, to perceive-esthen-weakness-et, -ette little, small-eti-o cause-etic pertaining to-eu-good, true, well, fully developed-eury-, -eurys-wide-evolut-an unrolling, to unfold ex-o, ec-, ect-o, e-out of, away from, external to ext-, extra-outside, beyond-exu-to cast off, undress...
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