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DICTIONARY - F ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS -fac-, -fact- to do, to make, capability -faci- face, surface -facilit- easy, easy to do -fasc-i band, bundle -fec- excrement, sediment, dregs -fecund- fruitfulness -feli- cat -fem- thigh -fenestr- window, opening -fer-, -ferre convey, to bear, to carry -fet- the young in the womb, pregnant -fibr- fiber -fil- thread -filia- daughter -fiss-, -fid-
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Unformatted text preview: to split, cleft-flacc-flabby, soft-flagell-a whip-flav-yellow-flex-to bend-for-, -foram-to bore, to pierce, an opening-form-shape, rule-formic-an ant-forn-arch, vault, (also brothel)-foss-ditch, trench, to dig up-fov-a pit, depression-frat-a brother-fund-bottom, base-furc-a fork-fus-i spindle-fusc-dark, brown-fy to make, to cause...
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