TERMINOLOGY.BI_1110.dictionary_IJK - -iole-ium little part...

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DICTIONARY - I ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS -ia state of, condition of, disease -iac, -ial, -ic, -ian pertaining to -iasis, -osis resulting from, abnormal condition -iatric, -iatr- physician, medical treatment -ible able to be -ic pertaining to -ichthy- a fish -ician specialist in -icle little -ics, -tics art, science of, study of -id, -ide tending to, pertaining to, member or offspring of -ide- to see -ide denoting a chemical compound -idium, -idion little -il little -ile having the character of ile- twisted im-, in-, il- not -immuni- except, free, safe -in, -ine chemical substance -incis- cut into -ine having the character of, like -infer- underneath, low infra- below, beneath -ing having the quality of, belong to -insect- cut into insul- island -integ- whole, complete -integ- a covering -intestin- guts inter- between, among, during
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ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS intra- within, in, into, inside
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Unformatted text preview: -iole, -ium little, part, region, little-ion state or process of-ious full of, pertaining to-ipsi-self-ir-, -irid-, -iris-iris, rainbow-is-o equal, same-ish belonging to, tending to be-isk, -iscus little-ism belief, the process of-ist, -ast one who does, spet-ite, -ites part, belonging to; often used in forming fossil names-ition state of, quality of, process of-itis disease, inflammation-ity, -ty, -itude state of, quality of-ive tending to, included to-ization process of-ize to make, to treat, to turn into DICTIONARY - J ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS-juxta-near to, by the side of DICTIONARY - K ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS-kary-o the nucleus, nut-ker-, -kerat-horn, horny tissue kilo-one thousand-kine-, -cine movement, moving, move...
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TERMINOLOGY.BI_1110.dictionary_IJK - -iole-ium little part...

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