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TERMINOLOGY.BI_1110.dictionary_L - rock stone-loc-loca...

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DICTIONARY - L ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS -labi-, -labr- lip -lacer- torn, mangled -lacr-i, -lachy tears, weeping -lact-o milk -lacun- small pit, gap, cavity -lamell-, -lamin- small thin plate -lapar- abdomen -larva- a ghost -lat, -later- broad, wide, side -lecith- yolk -lemma sheath, husk, layer, peel -lepsy seizure, attack -less devoid, lacking -let small -leuc-o, -leuk-o white -lex- to read, phrase -lingu- tongue -lip-o
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Unformatted text preview: rock, stone-loc-, -loca-, locus place, position-log-, -logue reason, word, speech-logist a spet, one who studies-logy study of, science of-long- long-loph-crest, ridge, tuft-luc-light, to shine-lumin-, -lumen light, an opening-lun-moon-lute-orange-yellow-ly-, -lys-, -lyt-, -lyte, -lyze, -lyst to loosen, to take apart, to dissolve-lymph-water, a clear fluid...
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