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TERMINOLOGY.BI_1110.dictionary_M - USUALLY...

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DICTIONARY - M ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS -macer- to soften -macr-o large, long -macul- spot -magn- great major larger -mal- bad -malac- soft -mamm- a teat, breast man- thin, scanty -man-u hand, handle -mania madness -mar- sea, of the sea -marsup- purse, pouch -mas-, -mastic- to eat, chew -mast-, -maz- breast -mater-, -matr- mother maxim- greatest, large meat- passage medi-, mid- middle -medull- middle, pith, marrow mega-, megal- very large, one million -mei- reduction, less, smaller -melan-o black, dark -membran- a coating -men-, -mens- a month, monthly, moon -mening- membrane -ment-, -men- mind, condition of, state of being -mere, -meri-, -mer-o a part of, part -mes-o, -mesi- middle meta- after, middle, between, beyond -metabol-, meta-
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Unformatted text preview: USUALLY MEANS-meter, -metry measure, science of measure-metr uterus, mother-metre, -metric a unit of length-micr-o small, one millionth-mictur-urinate, to make water-migra-move, wandering-milli-thousandth minor-, minus-smaller mis-hate, wrong, incorrect-mito-thread, web-mix-, -mic-intercourse-mobil-to move-mod-measure-mole-a mass-mollusc-soft-mono-one, single-morb-disease-morph-o form, shape-mort-death-mot-, -mov-to move, motion-muc-o, -mucus-mucus, slime, juice-multi-many-muscul-muscle-muta-change-muti-cut off-mutu-reciprocal-my-too close-myo-, -myos-muscle, mouse-myc-o, -myce-fungus-myel-marrow, the spinal cord-myi-fly-myx-o slime, mucus...
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TERMINOLOGY.BI_1110.dictionary_M - USUALLY...

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