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DICTIONARY - N ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS nan-o, nana- a dwarf -nar- external nostril -narc-o stupor -nas- nose -nat- born -ne-o new, recent, young -necr-o dead, a dead body tissue -nem-, -nemat- a thread -nephr-o kidney -nerv- sinew -neuro- nerve -neutr- neither one nor the other -nich- to nest
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Unformatted text preview: nest-nigr-black-noct-, -nyct-night-nom-, -nomen-a name, usage-nom-, -nomy law, the science of non-not-norm-order, rule, standard-novem-nine-nuch-neck-nucle-kernel, nut, nucleus-nud-naked-nulli-none-nurt-nursing-nutri-to nourish-nyct-*see -noct-, -nyct-...
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