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TERMINOLOGY.BI_1110.dictionary_O - view of...

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DICTIONARY - O ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS o-, oo-, ov-, ovi- an egg ob- against, toward, opposite -oblig- bound, bind, obliged -occlu- shut up -oct-o, -oct-a eight -ocul-, -ocel- an eye -odont-o, -dont tooth -oid, -ode, -odo- like, form, shape, resembling -ol denoting an alcohol or phenol -ole, -iole little -olf-, -olfact- smell olig-o few, little, scanty -oma a tumor, swelling -ome mass, abstract group -omni-, -omnis- all, every -onc-o mass, tumor, swelling -onchy- nail -ont- a being, individual, existing -opa- shady -opercul- a cover, lid -oph-i snake -opisth-o behind, the hind part -opp-o opposite, to oppose -opsis appearance -opsy
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Unformatted text preview: view of, examination-opt-, -op-sight, vision-opthalm-eye-optim-best-or state of, result of the act of-or-, -os-mouth-orb-circle, eye socket ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS-orch-, -orchi-testicle-organ-instrument, tool-ornis-, -ornith-a bird-orth-o straight, correct-ory place for, related to-ose sugar-ose, -ory full of, resembling-osis diseased, abnormality, condition of-osm-smell-osmo-pushing-oste-o, -oss-bone-osti-o door, mouth-like opening-ostrac-shell-ot-o ear-ous, -ious pertaining to, full of ovi-, ovum an egg-ox-, -oxy-sharp, acid, oxygen...
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TERMINOLOGY.BI_1110.dictionary_O - view of...

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