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DICTIONARY - P ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS -pachy- thick -paed- child -pale-o, -palae-o ancient, old -palp- to touch, to stroke -pan-, -pant- all, complete -par-a, -paren- give birth to, to bear para- beside, near, along side -para- disorder, diseased condition -part- part, to divide -parthen-o a virgin -partur- to be in labor -pater-, -patern-, -patr- father, native land -path-o suffering, disease -pathy treatment of disease -pause to cease -ped- child -ped-i, -pes- foot -ped-a, -pedag- instruction, teaching -ped-o soil, ground -pell- skin -penia want, deficiency -penn-, -pinn- winged, feather -pent-a five -pep-, -peps-, -pept- to cook, digest, soften per-, perm- to pass through, by means of peri- around, about, near -peripher- outer surface -petr- a rock, stone -pexy to fasten, to put in place -phae-, -phaeos- dusk, dark -phag-o, -phage- to eat, devour
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ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS -phall- penis -pharmac-o drug, poison -pharyng- throat, gullet -phas-, -phe- to speak, speech -phase- a stage, to appear
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TERMINOLOGY.BI_1110.dictionary_P - DICTIONARY - P ROOT /...

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