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Unformatted text preview: containing your entire project. The Project > Jar/Zip Extractor option enables you to extract the contents of a JAR or ZIP archive file. These topics are described in more detail in jGRASP Help (find using the Index tab). 7.6 Closing a Project When you exit jGRASP, the projects and files that are currently open on the desktop are remembered so that the next time you start jGRASP, you can pick up where you left off. However, to prevent clutter you should close the ones you are no longer using. (1) From the Desktop toolbar - Click Project > Close All Projects. (2) From the Desktop toolbar - Click Project > Close (if more than one project is open, select the one you want to close, e.g., <PersonalLibraryProject>. (3) From the Browse Tab – Right-click on the project file name in the Open Projects section of the Browse tab and select Close. All project information is saved when you close the project as well as when you exit jGRASP. Note that closing a project does not close the files that are currently open. You can close these indiv...
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