The details of these objectives are captured in the

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Unformatted text preview: rojects. The details of these objectives are captured in the hyperlinked topics listed below. 7.1 Creating a Project 7.2 Adding files to the Project 7.3 Removing files from the Project 7.4 Generating Documentation for the Project (Java only) 7.5 Jar File Creation and Extraction 7.6 Closing a Project 7.7 Exercises 7-1 Projects (1.8.7) 9/2/2009 7.1 Creating a Project On the Desktop menu, click Project > New > New Standard Project (Figure 71) to open the New Project dialog. Note that the “New J2ME Project” option should only be selected if you have installed the Java Wireless Took Kit (WTK) and you plan to develop a project based on the Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). Within the New Project dialog (Figure 7-2), notice the two check boxes (Add Files Now and Open UML Window). Normally, you would want to have the Add Files Now checked ON so that as soon as you click the Create button, the Add Files dialog will pop up. If you are working in Java, you may also want to turn ON the Open UML...
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