When you have finished adding files click the close

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Unformatted text preview: rowse tab. When you have finished adding files, click the Close button on the dialog. You can always add more files to a project later. Note that when you have multiple projects open, these are all listed in the Open Projects section of the Browse tab. If you open a UML window for one or more projects and/or if you open one or more CSD windows for files in projects, then the UML or CSD window with focus will determine which open project has focus. The project with focus will have a black square in the project symbol and the project name will be displayed in the title bar of the jGRASP desktop. 7-3 Projects (1.8.7) 9/2/2009 7.2 Adding files to the Project The Browse tab is split to show the current file directory in the top part and the open projects in the lower part as shown in Figure 7-3. After a project has been created and/or opened, there are several ways to add Java files to the project. (1) From Browse Tab - Drag the file (left click and hold) from the Files section to the project in the Open Projects section...
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