You can also remove the selected files by pressing

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Unformatted text preview: in Figure 7-4. You can also remove the selected file(s) by pressing Delete on the keyboard. Note that removing a file from a project does not delete the file from its directory, only from the project. However, you can delete a file by selecting it in the Files section of the Browse tab, then right-clicking and selecting Delete from the pop-up menu or by pressing the Delete key. Figure 7-4. Removing a file from the Project 7-5 Projects (1.8.7) 9/2/2009 7.4 Generating Documentation for the Project (Java only) Now that you have established a project, you have the option to generate project level documentation for your Java source code, i.e., application programmer interface (API) documentation. To generate the documentation for our example project, PersonalLibaryProject, select Project > Generate Documentation > <PersonalLibaryProject> as shown in the Figure 7-5. This will bring up the “Generate Documentation for Project” dialog which asks for the directory in which the generated...
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