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TERMINOLOGY.BI_1110.dictionary_S - -son-sound-spasm to...

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DICTIONARY - S ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS -sacc- sac, bag -sacchar- sugar, sweet -sagitt- arrow -sal- salt -salt-a to leap, to jump -san- healthy -sangui- blood -sapr-o rotten, putrid -sarc-o flesh, muscle -satur- to fill up -saur, -saurus lizard -schist-, -schiz-o split, cleave, deeply divided -sci- knowledge -sciss- to cut -scler- hard -scop-, -scopy to view, examine visually -sec-, -seg-, -sect- to cut -secret- to separate, to sever -sed-, -sess- to sit, to settle, without a stem -segment- a piece cut off -segreg- to separate -semen-, -semin- seed, sowing semi- one half -sen-, -senesc- old -sens-, sent- feeling, to perceive -sep-, -sept- barrier, wall, partition -sept-, -septem- seven -sept-, -sep- rotten, infected ser-o the watery part of fluids -set-, -seta- a bristle -sex- six
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ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS -sinus- curve, hollow, cavity -sinistr- left -siph-o pipe -sis, -sia, -sy process, action, the act of, condition of -skelet- a dried hard body, mummy -sol- sun
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Unformatted text preview: -son-sound-spasm- to stretch, convulsion, tension-speci-a kind or sort, special-spectr-, -spec-to look, appearance-sperm-, -spermat-seed-spin-thorn, spine-spir-coil, twisted-spira-to breathe-squam-o scale-sta-, -stat-to control, to stop, standing still, stationary-stal-, -sten-o a contraction, compression, a narrowing-staphyl-o a cluster of grapes-ster-hard, firm, solid-stigm-mark, point, spot-stom-, -stome-mouth, opening-stomy the making of an opening-strat-a layer-strept-o, -streph-bent, twisted chains-stria-furrow, groove, streaked-strict-to draw tight sub-, sus-beneath, below, under, up from under-sucr-sugar-sulc-a furrow, groove super-, supra-above, over ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS superfici-surface-sutur-to sew sym-, syn-together with, a union, junction, to live with-symmet-measured together-synapt-clasp-system-a composite whole-systol-a contraction...
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