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Homework2Key.a12 - PLANT BIOLOGY 113 Spring 2012 ANSWERS TO...

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P LANT B IOLOGY 113 A NSWERS TO H OMEWORK Q UESTIONS #2 - P AGE 1 Spring 2012 ANSWERS TO HOMEWORK QUESTIONS #2 FOR THE FIRST MIDTERM (50,0000 points) 1. What is the C value paradox? What is the relationship between retrotransposons and the C value paradox? a. The C value paradox states that organismal complexity is not proportional to haploid genome size. b. Retrotranspons are genetic elements that amplify themselves through a RNA intermediate, and they primarily integrate as double -stranded DNA into intergenic sites. Insertion of retrotransposons into multiple sites in the genome results in their classification as repeated DNA and causes an increase in genome size. A large fraction of many plant genomes consist of retrotransposons. This increase in genome size without a corresponding increase in gene number explain in part the C value paradox. 2. You are interested in studying gene expression in tobacco pollen. You conduct a saturation hybridization experiment with single copy DNA and an excess of pollen mRNA, and obtain the following results. Note: the complexity of single copy DNA = 6.4 x 10 8 bp Fraction of single copy DNA that hybridizes with pollen mRNA at saturation = 0.02 Calculate the complexity of pollen mRNA from the data given above. Show your calculations. C R (pollen mRNA) = (Fraction scDNA hybridized) (C D (scDNA) (2) = (0.02) (6.4 x 10 8 ) (2) = 2.6 x 10 7 b 3. You have isolated a cDNA clone representing protein Z from leaves, obtain its nucleotide sequence, and do two experiments. First, you hybridize the cDNA clone with equal amounts of nuclear DNA from leaves and roots in DNA gel blot (Southern) hybridization experiments. You also perform quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) experiments. The following results are obtained.
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