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What it takes for Quality Health Care Outline

What it takes for Quality Health Care Outline - What it...

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What it takes for Quality Health Care Hanna L Landis HCA 340 Instructor: Ken Feifer 5/28/2012 Abstract I. Introduction- A. Thesis Statement To establish a better understanding of what this paper will be about we need to understand what quality health care means exactly. According to our text, “Healthcare quality is the degree to which health services for individuals or populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with the current professional knowledge” (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012). That being said, it is crucial that the healthcare industry have high ratings in quality healthcare in order to have an outstanding facility. Without quality healthcare there would be no healthcare. This paper will be discussing how strategic planning, performance improvement, and information systems are interrelated and fundamental in order to deliver quality health care to individuals. II. Body Paragraph #1- Topic Sentence #1 Strategic Planning in health care
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A. Supporting Evidence In today’s ever-changing health care field, we each need to create and manage a strategic plan. What exactly is a strategic plan? Having a strategic plan not only necessary for creating quality but it is reflects the notion that integration of customer needs. For instance the Baldrige National Quality Program for performance excellence shows an amazing outline for improved healthcare quality, enhanced organizational effectiveness and gains in organizational and individuals learning (Insert Picture on PowerPoint). Following the Baldrige criteria you can establish a successful business outcome. But in order for this to be successful it is extremely important to involve the physicians and employees in the strategic planning. B. Explanation In the past, traditional business enterprises were the primary users of strategic planning. However, healthcare providers have begun to apply strategic planning concepts to improve the effectiveness of their operations. A recent study documented the potential improvement in operations when strategic planning is used. Fifty-one hospitals using strategic planning showed an average total margin of 3.16 percent, while 15 hospitals without such plans averaged -1.07 percent. There are several key concepts that must be made known in order to instill that quality improvement is ran successfully, they are
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What it takes for Quality Health Care Outline - What it...

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