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Drug Philosophy Paper - Justin Berger HED 111C Drug...

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Justin Berger HED 111C February 19, 2008 Drug Philosophy Paper 1) I have chosen not to use illegal substances for several reasons. The most deciding factors as to why I have chosen to abstain from drugs are personal. First off, I do not like the idea of being addicted to something. That much reliance on one thing makes me uneasy and uncomfortable. I tried tobacco when I turned 18 because it seemed like a “benchmark.” In terms of alcohol, I have only briefly experimented with it since I’ve been in college. I know that a lot of people have said that one reason against drinking alcohol while you’re a teenager is that the brain is still developing at that age and that alcohol can be detrimental to that growth. I believe that for most people, this is probably true. However, I have always been more matured and developed than most of my classmates, and I firmly believe that I am a fully functioning adult capable of making as good a decision as any twenty-five year old (the year that is commonly referred to when people believe they can say with pretty good certainty that a person’s brain is fully developed). 2) The guidelines that I have set for myself as well as the ones set forth by my family have recognized that using and doing drugs is an unwise choice. Nevertheless, were I to experiment, I still feel like I could go home to a loving family that would support me and help me to make healthier decisions. Either way, I know that my family
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Drug Philosophy Paper - Justin Berger HED 111C Drug...

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