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Unformatted text preview: 1 1. The project closure process includes all of the following except: Shutting down resources and releasing to new uses Reassigning project team members Conduct an audit Getting delivery acceptance from the customer Closing accounts and seeing all bills are paid 1 2 1. When the project may be completed early with some parts of the project eliminated this is considered to be ___________ closure. Normal Premature Perpetual Changed Priority Failed Project 1 3 1. Many projects will fail because of circumstances beyond the control of the project team is called: Normal Premature Perpetual Failed Project Changed Priority 1 4 1. Corrective actions that should take place (such as shifting to more resilient building material) would typically appear in the _____ section of the final project report. Analysis Recommendations Classification of project Lessons learned Strategic objectives 1 5 1. What is not a wrap-up closure activity? Facilities Vendors Customer Profit report Report 1 6 1. The ideal scenario is to have the team member's next assignment ready when project completion is announced. 1 7 1. A 360-degree performance evaluation includes feedback from peers, project managers, subordinates, and even customers. 1 8 1. Project closures can fall into all of the following categories except: Premature Perpetual Failed Changed priority All of these are categories for project closure 1 9 1. In the Snapshot from Practice, New Balls Goes Flat in NBA, is an example of a project gone wrong when the _______ is/are not consulted. Manufacture Equipment and facilities managers End-users Project manager The Fans 1 10 1. The content of the final report typically includes the following topics: Lessons learned Review and analysis Recommendations Executive summary All the above are correct 1 11 Information on the project type, size, number of staff, and technology level would be included in which section of the audit report? Analysis Recommendations Classification of project Lessons learned Strategic objectives 1 1 12 ____________ a review of the strategic intent of the project, selection criteria, project charter, project objectives, project scope, and acceptance criteria....
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