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Posc 333 Essay Three Qutb’s concept of human equality, while claiming to be different from western equality shares many characteristics with Francis Fukuyama’s notion of equality in liberal democracy. Qutb’s idea of human equality arises out of Islamic teachings which state that all men are created from the same substance and originate from one soul. On the other hand, Fukuyama’s or the Western view of democracy found its origins in the American and French Revolutions. This Western view of human equality is supported by the states in which they are found and claims that “all men are created equal,” while Qutb’s Islamic view of human equality is found in religious teachings such as the Qur’an and are an integral part of Islam as much as they are a part of Western states. The immediate cause of human equality in Islam is that it is decreed in the Qur’an. All human beings are of the same descent and created the same was in the Qur’an. Thus Qutb states that, “all are brothers in descent, all are equal in origin and nature” (70). However, there is also a practical purpose for this equality also. It is also true that man desires freedom, for “even the rich and the powerful will support it,” because the free conscience, “will strive to ensure that right; it will guard it carefully when it is gained, and it will accept no substitute for it” (Qutb, 68). Therefore equality is desired in Islam similarly to how Fukuyama claims that men desire to be recognized by
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Posc333 essay #3 - Posc 333 Essay Three Qutb's concept of...

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