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storm of steel report - Professor Hurt Hist-210 Report on...

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Professor Hurt Hist-210 Report on Storm of Steel Ernest Jünger’s Storm of Steel is mainly the personal memoirs of a soldier in the First World War. Jünger’s book expanded the usual war diary and adds personal reflections that the author added when writing. It is in this form of an expanded war diary that Junger tells his amazing story of killing, savagery, honor, cowardice, and bravery. Throughout Storm of Steel Jünger passes through the youthful enthusiasm for war and comes to reality with the callous harsh reality of war, suffers through boredom, fights with humanitarian understanding and still manages to escape alive. When Jünger first enlist at the outbreak of the war he is enthusiastic and ready for adventure as many as his comrades were. Jünger describes how he and his generation had been enraptured by war and had caught war fever. However Jünger’s enthusiasm quickly becomes boredom as his soldier’s life settles down into dreary routine. Jünger constantly reminds the reader of the boredom and routine he and his fellow soldiers faced everyday. When he first comes to the front Jünger becomes disappointed as no major offensive action and soldiers take time to reinforce their bunkers and go about their daily
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storm of steel report - Professor Hurt Hist-210 Report on...

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