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company comander report - Shelling is a constant problem...

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Company commander notes 1 reminices about how his company had already fought since D+1 in normandy. “I felt weak and ineffectual” p3. introduces some of the men of the company. Didn’t know if he could “take it” or not. Supposed to have an easy assignment in a quiet sector 2 must appear confident to his men. 3 stays awake first night at the front in pillbox, next day turns back a halftrack while directing artillery fire. But sounded nervous on phone and was conscious of waivering in his voice 5 awoke to tank or sp gun firing at his pillbox. 6 after first action thought “”had I been a complete failure?” p48 and wanted be thought of as “one of them” . 7 questions his trembling and fear p54. loves artillery, constantly calling in for defense
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Unformatted text preview: Shelling is a constant problem, keeps on toes, cuts communication lines, railroad gun 8 mac overhears conversation about him saying that he cares about his soldiers Patrols were difficult to bear, and caused anxiety 11 I company faces its first heavy german attack while replacing 99 th div. Mac does not witness fighting much and is usually in the back coordinating more. Company falls back along with mac after ten tiger tanks Makes mistake of leading out in front during an attack, admonished and learns After being wounded he is apprehensive of the fate of his company “nausea of fear for the welfare of the company enveloped me. I felt, somehow, like a deserter” p 133...
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