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E systemsnotinequilibrium ke initial final final

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Unformatted text preview: um INITIAL K.E. Systems Not In Equilibrium = K.E. INITIAL FINAL FINAL Add ma to the side with the weakest force Inelastic Collisions Momentum Torque τ = F l Impulse IMPULSE = ΔMomentum Energy ‐ Joules F = Momentum INITIAL Δ t = Δ m v AVG FINAL 2 K.E. = ½ m v P.E. P.E. = m g h GRAVITATIONAL 2 ELASTIC = ½ k Δx Work Work = F d cos θ Machines Work is constant Force decreases & Displacement increases Work = force x displacement Rest Mass Energy Work = Δ K.E. + Δ P.E. + Δ Internal Energy = Work + Internal Power ‐ Watts 2 E = m c Radioactive Decay Alpha Beta Positron Electron Capture Gamma Rays P = F v cosθ 8 c = 3 x 10 m/s P = Δ E / t Mass MINUS 4 Same Same Same same Protons M...
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