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Unformatted text preview: Database Systems Instructor: Hao-Hua Chu Fall Semester, 2007 Homework 1: ER Diagram Questions 1. (Textbook Q2.6) Computer Sciences Department frequent flies have been complaining to Dane County Airport officials about the poor organization at the airport. As a result, the officials decided that all information related to the airport should be organized using a DBMS, and you have been hired to design the database. Your first task is to organize the information about all the airplanes stationed and maintained at the airport. The relevant information is as follows: □ Every airplane has a registration number, and each airplane is of a specific model. □ The airport accommodates a number of airplane models, and each model is identified by a model number (e.g., DC-10) and has a capacity and a weight. □ A number of technicians work at the airport. You need to store the name, SSN, address, phone number, and salary of each technician. □ Each technician is an expert on one or more plane models(s), and his or her expertise may overlap with that of other technicians. This information about technicians must also be recorded. □ Traffic controllers must have an annual medical examination. For each traffic controller, you must store the date of the most recent exam. □ All airport employees (including technicians) belong to a union. You must store the union membership number of each employee. You can assume that each employee is uniquely membership number of each employee....
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solution1 - Database Systems Instructor Hao-Hua Chu Fall...

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