CRIJ 2313 - Chapter 6 - Fall 2011

Best indication of future behavior is past best

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Unformatted text preview: reviously? Best indication of future behavior is past Best behavior behavior Individuals with an active Criminal History Individuals more likely to see heavier punishment; less likely to be filtered out of the system less Personal or Family Resources Personal Reality of the American CJ System is those with Reality money and resources fair better than those without without What family do you come from? Ability to hire a quality attorney It’s not what you know, it’s who you know? Is the system fair? Is Many offenders receive different Many sentences for same or similar offenses sentences What could be done differently? Types of Offenders and their Characteristics Characteristics Situational Offenders Mentally ill offenders Career Criminals Mentally handicapped Mentally offenders offenders Sex Offenders Offenders with AIDS Substance Abusers Elderly Offenders Situational Offenders Situational Situational = one time only, a mistake that will never happen again Situational offenders simply made a mistake and paid their debt to Situational society society Prior to their arrest this offender was no different than anyone in Prior society – generally accepted societies values society Studies show that 80% of offenders never have another arrest again More often than not the situational offender is one who knows the More victim; often commit violent crimes victim; Very little the correctional system can do for the Situational Offender Very due to positive adjustment t...
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