CRIJ 2313 - Chapter 6 - Fall 2011

Prostitute sex prostitution an illegal economic

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Unformatted text preview: fenders – The Prostitute Sex Prostitution – an illegal economic transaction between a Prostitution “provider” & “customer” “provider” More of an economic crime that sex crime 1/3 of all prostitutes got their start via family and friends Prostitutes often have other problems: Child custody issues Substance abuse problems Victims of violence Etc.. Additional Sex Offender Facts Additional Sex Offender Registration is required for all offenders – they must Sex register as such for the rest of their lives (or 10 years after their sentence in some cases sentence Registering means that offender reports their address and other Registering information so that it can be distributed to the public information Sex offenders hate attention Sex offenders are among the most compliant offenders Roughly 50,000 registered sex offenders in Texas There is no cure for the conditions that lead one to offend Substance Abusers Substance Studies show that 4 out of 5 inmates were high when they Studies committed their offense committed Many offenders say they would not have broken the law had they Many not been using drugs not Many crimes may not appear to be drug related in nature – but exist Many to support a drug habit (burglary, theft, robbery, etc) to Drugs present a challenge for correctional staff because of the Drugs difficulty in overc...
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