CRIJ 2313 - Chapter 6 - Fall 2011

Exists due most appropriate for probation career

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Unformatted text preview: hat already exists due Most appropriate for probation Career Criminals Career Crime is a way of life; a means of living or earning money Develops skills that are useful for offending Deviant behavior started as a child Getting caught and doing time (or probation) is a price of Getting business and is expected by the offender business A small group of career criminals account for a majority of all small crime crime Who is a career criminal? How many offenses qualify one Who for the label? for Sex Offenders Sex Definition: Person who has committed Definition: Person a sexual act prohibited by law: sexual -sexual assault (rape) -indecency with a child (contact or exposure) -statutory rape -child porn Textbook categories: The Rapist The Child Molester The Prostitute Sex Offenders – The Rapist Sex Rape is primarily an act of violence; a desire for Rape violent coercion Sex is rarely the primary motivation Sex Violent rapists present a security risk inside of Violent prison prison Texas Law: Sexual Assault, Aggravated Sexual Texas Assault (victim is over the age of 17) Assault Sex Offenders – The Child Molester Sex One of the most universally hated offenders Not respected by public or other offenders; will be the Not target of other offenders in prison target 90% of molesters have been molested themselves Texas Law: Indecency with a Child (contact or Texas exposure), Sexual Assault of a Child, Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, Possession of Child Pornography Assault Sex Of...
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