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Hallie Benezra 9/18/07 DM272 The first type of evaluation is referred to as the categorization process, which is the evaluation of a choice alternative depending on the particular category to which it is assigned. This is very important to companies because there are so many products available and chances are the consumer won’t recognize every single one. So if a consumer sees a new product at their favorite Whole Foods Store, they will be likely to try it since they associate Whole Foods products with quality and healthiness. I have definitely used this type of evaluation strategy in my own consumer habits. For example, as a huge Starbucks lover I am much more inclined to buy their pre-packaged coffee drinks as opposed to another company such as Godiva. In contrast, the piecemeal process involves an evaluation based on product
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Unformatted text preview: advantages and disadvantages compared to its alternative. This process is more specific and requires a more conscious decision by the consumer. Some influencing factors may include price, taste, and nutritional information. One particular category of the piecemeal process that I use frequently is referred to as a noncompensatory evaluation strategy. This means that a products weakness on one attribute cannot be offset by its strong performance on another attribute. For example, recently I was grocery shopping and was looking for a low fat snack food. I was between pretzels and the 100 calorie pack Oreo cookies. When making my decision I remembered how the cookies were dry and unsatisfying. Based off that, I chose the pretzels instead because taste is one of, if not the most important factors for me when I buy food....
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