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animal behav old test - 6 What does it require for male...

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Animal Behavior BIOS 335 First Hour Exam Fall 2006 Name_________________ Answer ONLY 8 questions. Please do not write in the left margin . 1. Your textbook mentioned that Niko Tinbergen, one of the founders of modern ethology identified 4 areas that should be considered when studying animal behavior. Define these 4 general areas. 2. Describe 4 general properties of the reflex. 3. Give one area of disagreement AND one area of likely agreement between Darwin and Watson. -----------------------------
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4. What important lesson did Manning gain from his experiment on mating speed in the fruit fly ( Drosophila ) that extends beyond his fruit fly experiment? 5. What are Lorenz’ 4 rules that he suggested we follow when designing a deprivation experiment?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What does it require for male zebra finches to be imprinted on Bengalese finches? 7 In reference to song development in male white crown sparrows, what did we learn by (1) isolating males in sound proof chambers when first hatched, (2) deafening the male, and (3) playing tape recording of other males to developing sparrows? 8. Briefly describe one experiment illustrating the role of hormones on development of sexual behavior. 9. Describe one observation suggesting that behavior is culturally transmitted in animals. 10. Your textbook gives an elaborate description of mosaic fruit flies and courtship. What are the basic conclusions of this experiment (excluding genes control behavior!)?---------------------...
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