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Peter Singer article summary

Peter Singer article summary - priced luxury car and is...

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ENG 1000C: Summary of “The Singer Solution to World Poverty” Peter Singer’s article titled, “The Singer Solution to World Poverty,” utilizes some of the most powerful examples throughout his writing to help his readers create visually stimulating images for very controversial ethical issues. He takes a liking to using young children as examples during his scenarios because it offers the mature and established individual the opportunity to feel more emotionally attached to the article. In the article Singer presents two different examples, both of which exemplify America’s greedy and self interested capitalistic society. In the first example, a woman is said to have unknowingly brought a child to a family for adoption, only to find out the child is too old and will be killed for organ donations. The second issue in the article depicts a middle class man who owns a highly
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Unformatted text preview: priced luxury car and is faced with the decision of choosing his car over the life of a young child, but unfortunately chooses to keep the car. Singer constantly brings up many strong points regarding how we as American consumers are placed in the same category as both people from his examples when we choose to purchase goods out of our own selfish interests rather than the necessities. Although Singer raises defendable points such as, “If every citizen living in the affluent nations contributed his or her share I wouldn’t have to make such a drastic sacrifice,” it seems as if he places himself above the average American citizen based on the fact that he can donate to countries of severe poverty rather than sympathizing with his fellow American who might not be able to afford....
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