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Hiroshima Bombing - Fernandez 1 P.O Box 11747 Santa Barbara...

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Fernandez 1 P.O. Box 11747 Santa Barbara, CA 93107 November 7, 2007 Jon Blum 1213 High School Road New York, NY 10161 Dear Jon Blum: I am a mother of two high school students and my eldest is using your textbook for her history class. As she was studying the bombings of Hiroshima, I read the passage that you had allowed to be in the textbook. I must say that even though it was a well-written piece, I feel that you did not really encompass things that are important for high school students to know. I know that it can sometimes be difficult to decide what goes into a textbook, but I feel that revisions are in order. I felt that you just grazed over the true meaning of the Hiroshima bombing and I believe it should be revised. When I speak of revisions, I mean that there are some things that should be focused on more, which are the affects of the bombings in Hiroshima, adding statistics, and the addition of first person accounts. Being a mother of two high school students, who both are taking history, I have a chance to view the textbooks that are being used today. High school students read textbooks like yours to learn the facts and understand their history. Students are supposed to learn the different sides of history so they themselves can form their own opinions. Generally, high school textbooks just talk about one side and students are left to believe what they have just read, like brainwashing. This is a problem that needs to be changed. Your textbook provides one side of the story in Hiroshima and that is not enough for high school students to learn from. I have to say that these textbooks now are very different then the ones I encountered as a high school student. I know that changing this section would mean it to be longer or even more in depth then other sections,
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Fernandez 2 but Hiroshima was a big event. It affected a lot of people and it should be given a decent written section on it for high school students to better understand. History is hard for one to write about, since there can be so many sides to the story. High school students need to learn everything that happened –both the good and the bad– or they will not be learning history. Just learning one side of history is a problem because you lose sight of all the different views. It was a good overview on Hiroshima, but what about the details? Where are the justifications that what the United States did was right or even wrong? What was the aftermath of it all? Students form their own opinions and views from the things they have read. Providing them with only half the truth means they are missing out on so much more learning.
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Hiroshima Bombing - Fernandez 1 P.O Box 11747 Santa Barbara...

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