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Fernandez 1 April Fernandez Professor Avery Writing One 3 December 2007 I’m a Filipino American and I’m proud of it. My culture and the Philippines are important to me because it’s not only who I am, but it’s what makes my family who they are as well. Both my parents were born in the Philippines and they came here to better themselves. Ever since I was little, I always questioned why my parents decided to come to America instead of continuing their lives in the Philippines. Their answer, which for me would be difficult to respond to, was an easy answer for them. Life in the Philippines was hard. America had opportunity for them, so they left their homes and their families to start a new one. Here I am eighteen, and I finally understand what my parents meant when they told me, “Life is hard in the Philippines and we wanted better lives, so we came here”. I know that many people don’t know how life in the Philippines is, and I must admit at one point in time I didn’t either. I didn’t know the struggles of my parents and grandparents, because I lived in America. I was brought up in Whittier, California my hometown since I was born and my parents were brought up in the Philippines. Not knowing how life was over there, I always wondered what it was like and always wanted to visit. I remember always asking my Mom questions like, “How is it over there or when are we going to go there and visit Lola?” Many people don’t know what the term Lola means but it stands for grandmother in the Filipino culture and my mom’s parents lived in the Philippines. I always wanted to visit, but planning family vacations was always hard and tickets to go over there weren’t cheap. Then, the unexpected happened and it seemed that my longing
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Fernandez 2 wish to see the Philippines would FINALLY come true. My grandfather (or Lolo) passed away during the summer. My mom and Lola had already left to see him because he was sick. Since I was ten and couldn’t be left with my older brother and sister, both my Mom and Dad decided that I would go with my Dad to be with my Mom. I remember the trip like it was yesterday. The sixteen-hour flight over there was hard on me already, but little did I know that I was about to get the shock of my life. I arrived at the airport with my dad to have my uncle, Tito Rey pick us up. When I stepped foot out of the airport, I realized I was no longer in America. I was in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY and it was DIFFERENT in MORE WAYS then one. The smog was so thick over there that I coughed almost every minute it was SO BAD! Then there were people EVERYWHERE begging to help us with our luggage just so they could be handed some money! Homeless people were something I knew from back home, but in the Philippines it was different. Homeless people were EVERYWHERE! When I say everywhere they LITERALLY WERE! Everywhere you looked
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AprilF_PersonalNarrative - Fernandez 1 April Fernandez...

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