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University Physics with Modern Physics with Mastering Physics (11th Edition)

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5.119: The analysis is the same as for Problem 5.95; in the case of the cone, the speed is related to the period by , tan 2 2 T β πh T R π v = = or . tan 2 v β πh T = The maximum and minimum speeds are the same as those found in Problem 5.95, . cos sin sin cos tan cos sin sin cos tan s s min s s max β μ β β μ
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Unformatted text preview: β gh v β μ β β μ β β gh v +-=-+ = The minimum and maximum values of the period T are then . sin cos cos sin tan 2 sin cos cos sin tan 2 s s max s s min β μ β β μ β β g h π T β μ β β μ β β g h π T-+ = +-=...
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