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early jazz - Jessica Swiertz Individual Assignment Early...

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Jessica Swiertz Individual Assignment Early Jazz I have to say that listening to the jazz music is a wonderful benefit to this class. Not only do we get to learn the amazing history behind it, but we also get to listen to great music. I am used to listening to jazz from driving in the car with my mom and dad, so the early jazz music was a nice treat. I felt that some of the early jazz seemed a little simplistic, but this could just be due to the quality of recording. For example, in the song, “Singin the blues,” by Frankie Traumbauer, it had a real steady melody and harmonization throughout the whole song, with simple horns and piano accompaniment. I really liked the piece, “Somebody stole my Gal.” This song has more instruments and a faster tempo. It is real upbeat and fun music in general. I was surprised to learn of the white jazz musicians in Chicago. Not only did we steal their freedom, but we kind of stole part of their music too. I am surprised that there was not some type of revolt against the white
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