medical ethics 2 - Chapter 2 sections 7-9 Approaches to...

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Chapter 2 sections 7-9 - Approaches to theology: the first understands society basically in contractual terms; society is a structure that individuals voluntarily agree to institute and develop. The second understands society in organic terms. Society is a network of interrelatedness and interdependence in which the relations of the parts are internal. - The problems of medical ethics that are especially urgent in the present day are not technical problems in which only an expert can have an opinion. They are problems of human beings in situations in which medical care is needed. - We are born within covenants of life with life. By nature, choice, or need we live with our fellow men in roles or relations. - Covenant fidelity is the inner meaning and purpose of our creation as human beings. - The whole of creation is the external basis and condition of the possibility of covenant. Meaning that the conscious acceptance of covenant responsibilities is the inner meaning of even the natural or systematic relations in which we are born and what we enter by choice. - The principal task of medical ethics: to reconcile the welfare of the individual with the welfare of mankind. Both aspects must be served. - Medical ethics today must indeed be “casuistry” it must deal as possible with the concrete features of actual moral decisions of life and death and medical care. - Religious groups have indubitably have been active in pressing their bioethical concerns in the public arena in the United States. - If by “theological” is meant a specific and unique line of religious argument entailing conclusions that also manifest a religious imprint, then theology is scarce in bioethics. - Bioethical discussions begin in situations of common practical interest; a dilemma about the nature of practical moral obligation gives a common starting point. -
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medical ethics 2 - Chapter 2 sections 7-9 Approaches to...

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